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World War II

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  • Wikipedia: World War II
    Historical overview of the Second World War, covering background information, the course of the war, its aftermath, and casualties, civilian impact, and atrocities.
  • World War II in Color
    Public domain color photographs from military campaigns during WWII.
  • V-E Day (12)
  • EyeWitness to World War Two
    History of the Second World War through the eyes of those who lived it.
  • Potsdam Conference (6)
  • Yalta Conference (3)
  • WW2 Model Maker
    World War II history recreated through scale modeling.
  • World War II Multimedia Database
    Originally a thesis by Jason McDonald for Fordham University, the site houses almost 200 photos, 100 video clips, and audio clips.
  • 2 World War 2
    Presents essays on World War II topics including strategy, battles, weapons, people, and intelligence.
  • V-J Day (4)
  • World at War: A History of WW II 1939-1945, The
    Details the various aspects of World War 2 through a year-by-year timeline.
  • Tehran Conference (2)
  • Military Maps of WWII
    From a variety of sources.
  • Codebreaking and Secret Weapons in World War II
    Includes articles on the Enigma, Bletchley Park, radar, and German beam systems.
  • War of Our Fathers
    Presenting World War II photos from Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Truk Lagoon, Iwo Jima, and more.
  • World War II
    Interactive history of the Second World War, featuring an historical overview of the conflict, key figures, timelines, videos, speeches, and maps.
  • Deutsche Welle: 60 Years After World War II
    Collection of articles, photo essays, timelines, and interviews concerning the war and its legacy.
  • World War II, Analyzed
    Information on battles, generals, units, and much more.
  • BBC History: World War Two
    Examines the causes, events, and people of the Second World War through articles, images, timelines, maps, videos, and links to related resources.
  • World War II Navy Art: A Vision of History
    Exhibit of works by Navy artists who served in combat areas and recorded their impressions of the action. Includes captions in the artists' own words.

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