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Persian Gulf War

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  • "Thunder and Lightning"- The War With Iraq
    From the U.S. Naval Historical Center.
  • DeploymentLINK
    Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War illnesses, medical readiness, and military deployments.
    Includes a chronology and photos of the Persian Gulf War as well as military information.
  • Fog of War
    Analysis of the Persian Gulf War from the Washington Post.
  • Frontline: The Gulf War
    An in-depth look at the Gulf War and the crisis that precipitated it. From PBS' Frontline, January 1996.
  • Gulf War
    Features a summary, little known information on the war, audio clips of presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan, and links.
  • Gulf War Veterans and Depleted Uranium
    Paper prepared by Dr.Rosalie Bertell for the 1999 Hague Peace Conference.
  • GulfLINK
    Department of Defense Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses. News, medical information for Gulf War veterans, and reports on continuing suspicions about Iraqi biological weapons.
  • InDepthInfo: The Gulf War
    Provides an overview of the war which includes Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia's role, U.S. interests, the air war, and the ground war.
  • McCaffrey Controversy (2)
  • New Order, The
    Journal of an American civilian's experience of the Persian Gulf War. Includes information about Erik Larsen, George Bush, Jeff Syrop, and Zen.
  • Operation Desert Storm Photos
    Features a picture gallery and a map of the combat area.
  • Ritter, Scott@
  • Schwarzkopf, H. Norman@
  • Target Baghdad
    Aviation photo gallery.
  • U.S. Conspiracy to Initiate the War Against Iraq
    Article by Brian Becker that argues that even before the first day of the Persian Gulf crisis, George Bush and the Pentagon wanted to wage war against Iraq.
  • UNEP Conflict and the Environment in West Asia
    Series of reports assessing the environmental effects and repercussions of conflict and war in Iraq, Kuwait, and the surrounding region.
  • Unseen Gulf War, The
    Shocking images from the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War by photojournalist Peter Turnley.
  • Wikipedia: Gulf War
    Overview of the Persian Gulf War, the conflict between Iraq and a coalition force of 34 nations mandated by the United Nations and led by the United States.

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