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  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (4)
  • Wikipedia: Piracy
    Detailed article about pirates and piracy, including the history of pirates, international law, modern piracy, notable and fictional pirates, and pirate apparel.
    A wealth of legends and facts about pirates. Read about famous pirates from different periods of history, find modern pirate biographies, and get other details on piracy.
  • No Quarter Given
    Magazine covering the lives and careers of the buccaneers and privateers of the Caribbean during the 17th and 18th centuries as well as the Elizabethan Sea Dogs and Jean Laffite's pirates of Barataria.
  • Pirate Soul
    History museum dedicated to the exploits of Caribbean pirates.
  • Jolly Roger (2)
    Find sites for Jolly Roger, the traditional flag of European and American pirates, envisioned as a skull over crossed bones on a black field. Sites include history, legends, images, and facts about the notorious red pirate flag which derives its name from the French term, "joli rouge" (red beauty).
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, in Fact and Fiction
    Dedicated to the Golden Age of Piracy, particularly in the Caribbean, it serves as a starting point for emerging scholars of piracy.
  • Land of Witches Pirates, The
    Relive the adventures of Captains Kidd and Blackbeard off Boston's North Shore, known as the Gold Coast.
  • Pirate's Cove
    Comprehensive resources for pirates, privateers, and explorers including biographies, nautical terminology, timelines, archaeology of shipwrecks and underwater sites, as well as pirate music and sea shanties.
  • Canadian Privateering, The
    Describes the privately-owned warships that protected isolated communities from the 1600s to 1815. Includes lists of ships, people, and the story of Stan Rogers' song "Barrett's Privateers."
  • Pirate's Hold, The
    Find a Pirate of the Month profile, timeline of piracy throughout history, pirate roster, ships, maps, books, glossary, and links to festivals.
  • Piracy -
    Latest reports of attacks or suspicious incidents from around the world. Also features messages from yachts, general piracy reporting information, and articles on defending against pirate attacks.
  • Pirates
    Features interactive stories based on the lives of famous pirates, a biography of Blackbeard, and a bibliography.
  • Booty: Girl Pirates on the High Seas
    By Sara Lorimer. Examines the history of women in piracy, including Sadie the Goat, Cheng I Sao, Rachel Wall, Lady Mary Killigrew, and Charlotte de Berry.
  • Pirate Images
    Visual archive of pirates, ships, battles, maps, galleons, and treasure (buried and unburied).
  • Pyrate's Providence
    Information about pirates, their weapons, ships, personal flags, and more.
  • Rochedale State School: Pirates
    Pirate stories, profiles, poems, and other work researched or written by students at Rochedale State School.
  • I Could See Death Staring Me in the Face
    Anonymous account of an encounter with pirates. Originally published as a letter in American Monthly Magazine, February 1824.
  • Arghhh! Tales From the Deep
    Offers stories about Blackbeard and the possible discovery of his ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, plus Port Royal, Jamaica, and the technology used in underwater archaeology.

Maritime History > Piracy

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