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  • Randolph, A. Philip (1889-1979)@
    Know about Philip Randolph, the African American civil rights leader and founder of the first black labor union in the United States. Sites provide biography, articles, interviews, museum archives, obituary, and the civil rights and trade union work of the labor activist and civil rights pioneer.
  • Ch?vez, C?sar (1927-1993)@
    Learn more about Cesar Chavez, the labor leader, civil rights activist, and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, through sites providing biography and articles.
  • Hoffa, Jimmy (1913-1975?)@
  • Huerta, Dolores@
    Read about Dolores Huerta, the co-founder of United Farm Workers. Sites provide biography and info on the Dolores Huerta Foundation, a nonprofit organization.
  • Silkwood, Karen (1946-1974)@
  • Bridges, Harry (1901-1990)@
  • Jones, Mary Harris (Mother Jones) (1830?-1930) (2)
  • Debs, Eugene V. (1855-1926)@
  • Reuther, Walter (1907-1970)@
  • John L. Lewis (2)
  • Blest-Riffo, Clotario (1899-1990)
    Founder and first president of the Chilean Central Union of Workers (1953). Fundador y primer presidente de la Central Unica de Trabajadores de Chile.
  • Mendes, Chico (1944-1988)@
  • Hill, Joe (1879-1915) (2)
    Learn about Joe Hill, the martyred Wobbly from the Industrial Workers of the World through sites providing biography, articles, and pictures.
  • Gompers, Samuel (1850-1924)@
  • Molly Maguires@

Labor History > People

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