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  • A.J. Dewey's Fabulatory
    Work includes children's books, logos, and graphic designs for print, television, and multimedia applications.
  • Adcox, John
    New media and Internet creative direction.
  • Afsharian, Janette
    Provides design portfolio. Includes samples of web design, painting, and CD-ROM work.
  • Akazawa, Ayako - Booster Shot Cafe
    San Francisco based graphic designer who can help to solve any design problems.
  • Andrews, Mike
    Experience in photography, graphic and web design, as well as marketing and PR.
  • Anttila, Edward
    Featuring free desktop wallpaper, streaming radio, artist's portfolio, and the Fake Dr Pepper Land.
  • Audet, Andre
    Includes portfolio of multimedia design work and resume.
  • Ayala, Luciano
    Multimedia developer and designer specializing in website administration, color correcting, and image processing. Contains resume and portfolio.
  • Baciu, Michael
    Skills include web design, original graphics and animations, digital imaging and photography.
  • Benedick, Gar
    Working in web communications design and interactive and multimedia presentations for entertainment, education and business communications.
  • Brin, Mick
  • Chino
    Freelance new media designer. Site features contact information, references, and portfolio.
  • Christopher, Sean
    Graphic design, web site design, digital audio, and print media.
  • Cizmic, Haris
    Creative portfolio, graphic design, audio/video, web design and architecture, illustrations, digital arts, and more.
  • Cloud, Steven
    Family Fun Page. Graphic design, web design, art direction, and more.
  • Collins, Andrew P. E.
    Artist/ Computer Genius with diverse experience in computing, marketing, and manufacturing. Moonlight web designer.
  • Courau, Laurent
    Digital illustrations, videos and films, web design, and 2D and 3D animations.
  • Crnich, Matthew
    Online portfolio of videos, montages, and prints, including work for the "Human Element" television ad campaign for Dow Chemical. The artist specializes in motion graphics and broadcast design.
  • Darius, Michael
    Creative/art director working in new media interactive design.
  • Darrel Bowen Media Design Services
    Specializes in character, prop, and environmental designs for pre-production television animation and multimedia including Internet, video, publishing, interactive gaming, and toys.
  • Dashwood, Rhett
    Multidisciplinary award winning designer, working on projects based in new media, print, and motion graphics.
  • Davidson, Mike
    Online portfolio of print and new media design work.
  • Devine, Tom
    Graphic designer and art director in Los Angeles specializing in print, identity, digital, and other visual communications.
  • Diamant, David J.
    Includes portfolio of digital photography, hand-drawn art, website design, film shorts, and interactive CD-ROMS.
  • Dommermuth, Kurt
    Features flash animation and paintings.
  • electronic room
    Featuring works from various designers utilizing sound, visuals, and web work. Includes links and submission information.
  • Federoff, Melissa
    Specialities include web design, illustration, and animation.
  • Fetty, Cynthia
    Photography, graphic design, web design, and album covers.
  • Grace, Michael
    Digital designer working in interactive, web, video, and 3D media. Site includes demo reel, portfolio, and personal information.
  • Hattley, Carl
    British digital media professional offering photography, web design, animation, and graphic design.
  • Hernandez, Cynthia
    Portfolio of interactive media designer Cynthia Hernandez. Site offers print, photography, studio work, and resume of the artist.
  • Howell, Jevaun
    Featuring web design, print pieces, industrial design, and film work.
  • Hugot, Arthur
    Showcases the web design, illustration, and 3D portfolio of the Paris-based designer.
  • Irwin, Stephen
    Showcases the online portfolio of the artist including works in digital design, short films, animations, illustrations, and video.
  • Isabelle, Russell
    Graphic design graduates portfolio containing 3D, web, and print graphical forms.
  • Jansson, Niels
  • Jenkins, Jim
    Freelance design business, providing scenic planning and art department support for film, video and multimedia projects.
  • Jeremicius, Tadas
    Features the creative portfolio of graphic designer Tadas Jeremicius, based in New York, U.S.A. Also showcases some of his selected works.
  • Karel, Yul B.
    Indonesian designer's portfolio of interactive, web, print, and motion design.
  • Kast, Anastasia
    Works in silkscreen, lithography, oil, mixed-media, 3D animation, design, TV commercials, digital work, portraits, and pastel drawings.
  • Kayal, Brad
    Includes print, web, 3D, photography, and interactive design.
  • Kelly, Pat
    Presents a portfolio of computer graphics, design, animation, web design, and multimedia projects.
  • Kelson, Ben
    Experienced in digital imaging, web design, 3D animation, and digital photography.
  • Kern, Amanda
    Graphic and interactive designer showcasing skills with Flash, Photoshop, and more.
  • Khan, Abul Makarim
    Front-end designer working with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, java scripting, and music making software.
  • Kimmins, Peter
    Web and print design from Peter Kimmins.
  • Kiplinger, Teresa
    Illustrator, designer and animator for new media applications.
  • Klak, Ryan
    Forked Outlet. Web design, multimedia, sketches, resume and more.
  • Lada, Peter
    Specializes in 3D and graphik abstract design.
  • Lafond, Adrian [pick] [read review]
    Showcasing some of the designer's online multimedia applications, web sites, and games.
  • Lazarevic, Dean
    Designer based in Australia offering samples of Flash animation, web design, graphic design, and photography.
  • Leass, Kimberly
    Interactive producer of Web sites and Flash and Shockwave games, and advertising creative for online, advertising and marketing initiatives.
  • LeCielEstBleu
    Multimedia concepts and interactivity.
  • Ledet, Kasper
    Promotional website of the Danish multimedia artist, displaying his experimental design work.
  • Leone, Michael
    Includes portfolio of web design, game design, advertising, multimedia, animation, illustration, and photography.
  • Leung, Colse
    Showcases creations in the areas of graphic and web design, photography, new media, and music.
  • Leung, Stanley
    Between. Young multimedia designer based in Hong Kong, specializes in graphics, illustration, packaging and multimedia.
  • Lim, Ai Ling Winnie
    Freelance designer. Portfolio includes digital artwork and sample web sites.
  • Lim, Boon
    Creative architectural & digital graphic designer with extensive hardware and software experience.
  • Lindberg, Mattias
    Swedish motion director showcasing his portfolio of web and graphic design.
  • Lofberg, Jens
    Swedish multimedia art director showcasing his graphic, interactive, animation, and game work.
  • Lord, Rosalind
    Sea explores and experiments with digital and interactive media.
  • Maloney, Campbell
    Beliefs, resolve, and portfolios.
  • Manning, Tom
    Portfolio includes animation, print publishing, and online work.
  • Marcus, Mike
    New media designer and web visualisation and design specialist.
  • McPherson, David
    Web page design, graphic design, video production, and digital editing.
  • Murray, Doug
    Multimedia development and user interface design.
    Design portfolio for freelance web and graphic designer and artist James Maccaroni.
  • Nelson, Rhonda
    Information architect: creative, business and technical aspects of e-business, user-centered design, usability.
  • Noya, Lorena
    Graphic, web, and multimedia design, video and sound editing, and photography.
  • Olson, Hans Eric
    Portfolio includes illustration, web design, and oil paintings.
  • Pigford, Ashley
    Creative director, art director and designer.
  • Ramirez, Luis
    Specializing in web design, CD-ROM production, and logo work.
  • Randolph, Robert E.
    Includes resume and list of projects.
  • Redbean
    An evolving exploration of design for the web and multimedia.
  • Reynaud, Mica?l
    Creates and develops original and interactive multimedia projects.
  • Saluja, Aman
    Features a multimedia portfolio with web site design and production samples.
  • Scepan, Stano
    Multimedia designer presenting examples of his TV, music, poster, web, advertising, and magazine work.
  • Seeley, Steve
    Graphic and motion designer based in Calgary creating work for broadcast, film, interaction, and print.
  • Sighfoo
    Experimental site. Memories are movies of the mind.
  • Sikes, Jeff
    Freelance digital artist doing illustration, web design, 3D animation, photography, and more.
  • Stauffer, Justin
    Creative director based in Philadelphia developing innovative designs and technologies with a delicate balance of beauty and usability.
  • Stecker, Suzanne
    Showcases the digital media designer's portfolio of graphic designs in print and website development.
  • Stevenson, Gordon
    Resume and portfolio of multimedia designs.
  • Stone, Jeff
  • Sugarcube
    Korean image design studio creating digital storytelling and multimedia design.
  • Tagvorian, Gurgen
    Armenian designer featuring a portfolio of Flash animation, computer graphics, and web pages. Also in Russian.
  • Tamlyn, Kevin
    Graphic and web design, illustrations, and Flash animation.
  • Tazl, Martin
    Site features works from this designer, creative director, and singer.
  • Terry, Ryan
    Presents personal portfolio, resume, animation, and cogitations with a creative Flash interface.
  • Vacek, Staci
    Vast Visions. Personal web site featuring portfolio, resume and favorite links.
  • Vitalini, Roberto
    Profile of a conceptualist.
  • Watts, Robert C.
    Web designer.
  • Weekley, Stratton
    Examples of works, bio, and contact information.
  • Wegmann, Theres
    New York based freelance graphic designer. Web design, CD-ROM and print design.
  • Woolson, Mike
    Containing samples of my work as a interactive media writer, designer, artist and animator.
  • Wrege, Don
  • Yacobson, Arye
    Includes profile, resume, animation, artwork, and contact info on a Flash interface.
  • Zadicoff, Matias
    2D/3D animator, designer, and multimedia developer.
  • Zielsdorf, Corey D

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