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  • Hadid, Zaha (b. 1950) (4)
    Find sites for Zaha Hadid, the British deconstuctivist architect and the first woman winner of Pritzker Prize. Sites offer biography, completed projects, digital building images, and resources about the contemporary architect's avant-garde designs.
  • Foster, Norman (b. 1935) (5)
    Learn about Sir Norman Foster, the knighted British architect and his creations such as London City Hall, 30 St. Mary Axe, and Millennium Bridge across River Thames. Sites offer biography, design style, and structures designed by the Pritzker Prize winner architect.
  • Wren, Sir Christopher (1632-1723) (3)
    Explore sites for Christopher Wren, the English clergyman and architect who designed St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Sites feature biography, work, and his role in rebuilding the London churches after the Great Fire of London of 1666.
  • Calatrava, Santiago (b. 1951) (6)
    Learn about Santiago Calatrava, the architect who built structural milestones such as Fordham Spire and World Trade Center PATH Transportation Hub. Sites include life, career, bridges, buildings, and foldable structures designed by the Spanish architect who was inspired by cantilevered skeletons of dinosaurs.
  • Fuller, Richard Buckminster (1895-1983) (5)
    Learn about Richard Buckminster Fuller, the architect best known for his invention of geodesic domes. Sites feature biography, designs, interviews, and books by the American visionary who also founded the system of mathematics called Synergetics.
  • Libeskind, Daniel (b. 1946) (7)
    Learn about Daniel Libeskind, the Polish architect and his unconventional buildings with skewed angles. Sites offer bio, interview transcripts, career highlights, photo gallery, sketches, and plan designs of the architect who recieved commission to reconstruct the World Trade Center.
  • Meier, Richard (b. 1934) (3)
    Explore sites for Richard Meier, the American architect and the Pritzker Prize winner known for his use of white. Sites offer profile, speech, photos, monumental works of including the Getty Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.
  • Wright, Frank Lloyd (1867-1959) (36)
    Find sites for Frank Lloyd Wright, the American master of architecture who practiced organic architecture. Sites offer bio, quotes, structure images, building guide, digital prints, overlays, and the heritage of one of the most influential architects and his 70-year career.
  • Starck, Philippe (b.1949)@
    Learn about Philippe Starck, the French architect who designed from spectacular interiors ro mass produced consumer goods. Sites offer life, awards, photos, and virtual museum of his design accomplishments.
  • Eames, Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1988) (3)
    Find sites for Charles and Ray Eames, the American architects and filmmakers. Sites feature their 9-minute film, architectural theory of Power of 10, completed projects, and their iconic works such as Meyer House, Case Study #8, and Eames House.
  • McDonough, William A. (2)
    Find sites on William A McDonough, the American architect who focuses on designing environmentally sustainable buildings. Sites include bio, architecture, writings, info on the design company, and documentary on the man who aims at eliminating waste.
  • Gehry, Frank (b. 1929) (9)
    Find sites for Frank Gehry, the architect who designed curvaceous buildings covered with reflective metal. Sites offer biography, museum collections, image archives, and bibliography for the American sculptor who built Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
  • Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (1886-1969) (6)
    Find sites for Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Bauhaus architect from Germany, which offer biography, museum exhibits, gallery, and description of the architect's work including Farnsworth House, Barcelona Pavilion, and other monuments.
  • Alexander, Christopher (b. 1936) (3)
    Find sites for Christopher Alexander and his architectural complexes in California, Japan, and Mexico. Sites feature bio, architectural theories, and speech of the pioneering architect who used computer programming for his building designs.
  • Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (1868-1928) (5)
    Learn about Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Scottish architect and watercolorist through sites which offer biography, photo gallery, paintings, history, and virtual tour of buildings by the designer considered the main exponent of Art Nouveau in Scotland.
  • Botta, Mario (b. 1943) (2)
    Explore the architectural style of Mario Butt, the Swiss modern architect whose creation has a strong sense of geometry often based on simple shapes creating unique volumes of space through sites featuring biography and building descriptions.
  • Graves, Michael (b. 1934) (4)
  • Eisenman, Peter (b. 1932) (5)
  • Piano, Renzo (b. 1937) (3)
    Find sites for Renzo Piano, the Pritzker prize winner and designer of London Bridge Tower and other famous monuments. Sites feature biography, project profiles, building workshop for students, career, and works of the Italian master of architecture.
  • Mayne, Thom (b. 1944) (5)

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Master Architects

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