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  • Wikipedia: Carthage
    User-edited article about the ancient city of Carthage in Tunisia and the Carthaginian Empire.
  • BabelMed
    Features articles and interviews about the visual arts, performing arts, and literature in the Mediterranean Region. Also in French and Arabic.
  • Carthage
    History of the Phoenician city state located near modern-day Tunis, with sections on its early history, the Punic Wars, and Roman renewal of the site.
  • Catholic Encyclopedia: Carthage
    Focuses on the city's role as the center of Christianity in Africa from the 2nd century onward, with sections on Tertullian and St. Cyprian.
  • Aristotle: On the Constitution of Carthage, c. 340 BCE
    Text of Aristotle's overview of the Carthaginian government. From the Ancient History Sourcebook.
  • Skerki Bank 1997
    MIT program which resulted in the discovery of eight ships documenting the existence of a major trading route in the central Mediterranean Sea between ancient Carthage, Rome, Sicily, and Sardinia.
  • Timeline of Carthaginian History
    Covers the founding of Carthage by Elissa in 814 BC to its destruction by the Romans in 146 BC.
  • Carthage: A Lost Empire
    Covers the history of ancient Carthage with a chronology and sections on Carthaginian life, the Punic Wars, and archaeological remains.
  • Institute for Mediterranean Studies
    Information on the excavation of Troy, the Ancient Olympics, ancient art and culture.

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